A key objective of tAcT is to have academic cooperation with Industries with the specific objective of encouraging and supporting world class, innovative, and impact-creating work by offering internships at Industries through the formation of Joint Internship Programme.
Suitable candidates who are bonafide full-time students, pursuing M.Sc./M.Parma/M.Tech, provided by the Academy will be nominated for the Program in Industries in one or more of the following disciplines: Physics, Metallurgy, Materials, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Mathematics and Life Sciences. The process of selection of candidates will be as per the norms being followed by the Academy and the final selection will be done by tAcT in consultation with Industries.
Selected students will undergo internship in the Innovation Labs and/or other identified institutions for about two months as per the internship policy of Industries.

Selected students are currently undergoing internship in TCS Innovation Labs at their various centres and Cadila Healthcare Limited based in Ahmedabad for two months and beyond as per MoUs signed recently.