Cinque Terre

The Indian Academy of Sciences was established in 1934 by Sir C V Raman with the objective of creating an independent body that could champion the cause of science in India. Over the decades, the Academy has made crucial and significant contribution in this direction through different activities in the spheres of science education, the publication of scholarly journals and books, and the public recognition of scientific excellence by electing outstanding scientists into the Academy Fellowship. As an autonomous body that is funded through the Department of Science and Technology (GOI), the Academy has about one thousand and fifty of the leading scientists of the country among its Fellowship, and also include about 55 of the leading scientists of the world as Honorary Fellows and over 50 Young Associates.

It was increasingly felt by the Fellowship in recent years the need to expand the Academy's activities into directions that would enhance our relevance and effectiveness at the national level. Existing institutional structures and mechanisms in a country as large and as diverse as ours are often inadequate and inflexible at times in meeting the challenges that the evolving global order has thrown up in the past decades.

The Academy Trust was set up in August 2014 under the auspices of the Indian Academy of Sciences. Headed by some of the most distinguished scientific minds in the country, this non-governmental entity hopes to address some of above concerns and to bring about a tangible change in the way science is taught and implemented in the education, system and society in general.

The aim of the Trust is to focus on areas as capacity building, promoting outreach activities particularly in areas where there is an urgent need for intervention, fostering innovation and excellence in Science and Technology, collaborating with other organizations for implementing joint programmes, improving research and education in science and engineering and setting up science education chair/professorship.