Endowed Chairs

Endowed Chair / Professor

The Academy Trust (tAcT) is making efforts to set up Endowed Chairs with private participation.

A Chair can be instituted to honour the memory of person or Institution. The Chair may pursue any scientific activity and may be based in any laboratory or institution in India and is free to visit any scientific centre in the country, for delivering scientific lectures and/or for scientific interaction.

tAcT Springer Nature Endowment Chair

A MoU was signed with Springer (India) Private Limited for constituting an Endowment Chair.

Springer will sponsor the Chair.

A chosen international expert for the Chair on sustainability has to tour and lecture at the research intensive institutions in India and neighbouring countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. tAcT will identify and select the visiting professor and provide administrative support.

A renowned astrophysicist, Prof. Frank Shu occupied the Chair in 2017.

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Prof. Frank Shu