The Academy Trust (tAcT) was set up in August 2014 as a non-government entity under the auspices of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru. Headed by some of the most distinguished scientific minds in the country, the Trust hopes to bring about a tangible change in the way science is taught and implemented in the educational system and society in general. The Trustees have been drawn from members the of Council and Senior Fellows of the Academy.

The Indian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1934 by Prof. Sir C V Raman with the objective of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science both in pure and applied branches. Over the last eight decades the Academy has undertaken several activities,primarily organizing science education activities, publication of journals, holding mid-year and annual meetings at various locations to present research findings of Fellows, Fellowship elections, contributions to science policy, etc. All these activities are mainly supported by grants-in-aid received from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. More details about the Academy are available at www.ias.ac.in.

The Academy Trust will endeavour to work towards the overall development of science and technology in the country. It will supplement the current efforts of the Science Education Panel of the three National Science Academies. Collaborating with other organizations and implementing joint programmes to expand and improve upon research and education in science and engineering is also envisaged.

The Academy Trust has already set in motion several programmes for science education particularly at the school level. In association with the Agasthya Foundation, Bengaluru, tAcT had a programme for school students which included demonstration of science experiments, screening science film, a visit to the science museum and popular science talks. Besides, refresher courses and lecture workshops for teachers with the purpose of updating their scientific knowledge, holding scientific exhibition and facilitating experimental labs for scholars in several areas, etc are being planned. The Trust would also like to build a strong partnership with Industry. Some of the envisaged programmes include conducting Summer Fellowship Programme for students in collaboration with industry, instituting Endowment Chairs and organizing workshops to facilitate interaction with industry.