Science and Education

The Academy Trust has a special interest in exposing children to the marvels of science and to make them interested in learning the basic concepts of science and motivating them. It will engage itself in promotion of science, impart of S and T education for the benefit of public by promoting studies, teaching and research in Indian educational institutions at all levels of schools, colleges, university science departments, and academies through applicable programmes and activities. The Trust will also collaborate with other organisations in jointly implementing these prgrammes.

"Science education helps students to investigate the world we live in - how things work, how living things function, how and why things happen the way they do.."

Organizing popular science talks, science quizes, science experiments, demo cum lectures and videos for inculcating scientific temper, developing knowledge, skill, mind and character for the school students form part of the Trust's main objectives. Focussed programmes for preservation of environment, educating public about environmental safety and scientific saftely will also be organised.

" Science education enables students to even develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to find answers to their general questions"