is a web-based software application that facilitates online processing of
PRAMANA Journal's  editorial operations.

ePRAMANA will be of value to authors, referees, and editorial board members who have easy and speedy access to the Internet. Authors with web access can submit manuscripts by web-upload, and track the progress in the processing of their manuscripts. Referees can access the papers that they have agreed to review, as well as upload their reports. Editorial board members and editors can access all relevant information on manuscripts at appropriate stages of processing where their intervention is required. Editorial office staff can interface with all these operations completely electronically and speedily as many processes have been automated. The use of the application will be secured and controlled by login with separate and distinct user privileges for editors, editorial board members, authors, referees and editorial staff.

Needless to say, the procedures earlier used will continue to be available for those authors, referees and editorial board members who do not have ready access to the web.

We have presently shifted our editorial management platform from "e-Pramana journal processing" to Springer Editorial Management System for processing of manuscripts. This change is being made to increase the efficiency of processing the manuscripts. It would be very helpful if you were to upload your paper online at https://www.editorialmanager.com/pram